2010-11 Workshops

Spring 2011

  • Young-Jun Cho, Cornell University (Feb. 18)
    Segment Disclosures, Internal Capital Markets and Firm Value: Evidence from SFAS No. 131
  • Yun Fan, University of Oklahoma (Feb. 25)
    Cross-Sectional Determinants of the Impact of Management Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Seungmin Chee, University of California-Berkeley (March 4)
    The Information Content of Commercial Banks' Fair Value Disclosures of Loans under SFAS No. 107
  • Claudia Zhen Qi, University of Southern California (March 11)
    Systematic Risk and Accounting Conservatism
  • Kenneth Zheng, The University of Texas at Dallas (March 23)
    Clawback Provision of SOX, Financial Misstatements and CEO Compensation Structure

Fall 2010

  • Carol Marquardt, City University of New York-Baruch (Sept. 17) 
    The Role of Accruals Quality in the M&A Market
  • Anwer Ahmed, Texas A&M University (Oct. 29)  
    Does Mandatory Adoption of IFRS Improve Accounting Quality?  Preliminary Evidence
  • Kenneth Shaw, University of Missouri-Columbia (Dec. 10)             
    Transaction Costs and the Relation Between R&D Increases and Future Abnormal Stock Returns