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The Career Resource Center (CRC) welcomes you to the UB MBA program. The CRC staff look forward to working closely with you throughout your program and helping you achieve your career goals.

CRC Mission and Staff

The Career Resource Center (CRC) serves as the primary resource for students and alumni of the School of Management in career exploration and job search. The CRC is a key link between the school and employers, offering many programs that bring these groups together, such as career events, alumni connections, internships, campus recruiting and career development workshops and seminars. Our mission is to create a caring environment that enables and motivates you to be successful in reaching your individual career goals.

Please note, many of the recommended in-person events may be pending based on the COVID-19 impact. Virtual replacements may be offered.

The CRC's dedicated staff is committed to assisting you throughout your career development and job search process. Get to know our team by visiting the CRC staff page.

Get Started

Here at the UB School of Management, your career development process starts before you even begin your first class. This career checklist is just the beginning. During your fall MBA Advantage program the Career Resource Center will introduce you to many resources and tools that will allow you to develop your own plan and help you achieve your career goals. In the meantime, follow the outline and deadline below to prepare for your career and ensure completion of CRC requirements during the MBA program.

Summer (before starting MBA program)

Career Deliverables

There are three deliverables due on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 for all incoming MBA students (who have made their tuition deposit).

For those confirming after June 22, submit by Aug 2.  

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