MS Management Career Checklist

Start today. Succeed tomorrow.


The Career Resource Center (CRC) welcomes you to the UB School of Management and MS Management program. The CRC staff look forward to working closely with you throughout your program and helping you achieve your career goals.

Use this online career checklist and calendar for MS Management students to ensure completion of CRC requirements. Come back to this checklist throughout the year to be sure you are staying on track with your career development. If you have questions, contact the Career Resource Center.

Summer (before starting the MS Management program)

Career Deliverables

There are two deliverables due on July 15, 2024, for all incoming MS Management students (who have made their tuition deposit).

Next Steps

As you begin your MS Management program, it is important to focus on your career development. After all, most of you are here to get a better job, change careers or enhance another degree. Take advantage of the career resources offered through our office and online. You can get started with the resources below.